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Women in Auto Care June Book(ish) Club Sign-Up

Join us each month at our book(ish) club!
Women in Auto Care is launching a book-ish club and we’d love you to participate!

These will be fun, one-hour calls once a month to connect and share. Maybe you read the book, maybe you don’t read the book. Judgment free zone! You’ll have a blast and pick up a trick or two while connecting with our Women in Auto Care community.

The second book is "You Got This: The Ultimate Guide to Negotiation for Professional Women," by Lelia Gowland.
Too often, we’re told that women can’t — or don’t — negotiate. But Lelia Gowland wants women to know that they do it all the time, and are pretty damn good at it already. 

Designed and illustrated by award-winning illustrator and comedian, Laura Sanders, You Got This is a fun, substantive, and affirming resource for women to negotiate careers on their terms. 

With fresh perspective on ways women can confidently pursue their careers in what can be an inhospitable, professional landscape, You Got This provides the reader with 13 strategies to develop their own authentic negotiating voice and achieve fulfilment in their careers.

Get the ebook here
Get the hard copy book here (order by June 5th for a special autographed copy and gift from Lelia!).
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