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Global DMC Partners COVID-19 Country Guidelines

Thank you for accessing our Global Destination COVID-19 Update Report.

This document was created to help give you as many updates on a global basis as to when countries will be opening and what safety and health protocols are being put into place.

Please fill out the below information to access the document. This report will be updated every other Monday if we receive updates from our DMCs.  You will need to re-download it each time in order to access the most updated information.

Before making any decisions regarding an upcoming program, please discuss this with your Global DMC Partners Sales Advisor to make sure you have the most accurate information, as this information is changing frequently. If you have any questions, please reach out to your GDP Sales Advisor or Stacy Roberts at 

5. My GDP Rep is:
6. Global DMC Partners' COVID-19 Updates by Destination Document can only be accessed if you accept the following terms:

I understand that the document (which can be accessed on the next page) is proprietary to Global DMC Partners and that the information provided is based on third party reports completed by Global DMC Partners' member DMCs (Destination Management Companies). I understand that Global DMC Partners is providing global information to the best of their ability, but they cannot guarantee that the information is 100% accurate due to the fact that information is changing on a daily basis. I understand that business decisions should not be solely based on the information provided in this document. Global DMC Partners can connect you with our DMC partners to get the most up-to-date information at any time. *This question is required.