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US Fundraising Market: Senior Fundraiser Confidence Survey June 2020

US Fundraising Market: Senior Fundraiser Scenarios Confidence Survey Phase Two 2020

What are we trying to do?

The purpose of this survey is to explore your confidence in the potential of key fundraising sources and channels. By contributing your opinion you’ll provide others with what we hope will be a real insight into where they should focus or direct their attention and investment. I also hope you will find the results useful by comparing your opinion with those of other senior figures.

Note we are simply asking for your opinion based on your knowledge and insight over some years. We are not asking you to share hard data/results from your agency or clients.

Once we have collected this data we hope to produce a number of scenarios which might also be useful. By taking part in the survey you gain access to the results plus the scenarios.

The survey was originally shared with 20 senior figures throughout the US- all either senior fundraisers in a range of agencies and industries or experienced consultants with wide ranging clients. We're now extending it to find 100 other thinkers with an informed opinion on the future of philanthropy. You're one of them!

The survey should take around 6-7 minutes to fill in.
1. Thinking ahead over the next 3 years how confident about the fundraising market are you feeling - consider foundations, corporates, Individual Giving (includes major giving and possible community/events/peer to peer). Choose one response:

2. If your answer was a grow or shrink what % change do you think will apply over the three year - i.e. what will be the mean % increase or decrease between 2020 and 2023?
3. How is your organisation- or how are your clients - approaching the next 3 years in terms of resources? Choose one response:
4. How is your organisation- or your clients- approaching the next 3 years in terms of investmentChoose one response:
5. Thinking about specific channels and sources. What investment would you recommend that agencies should spend in these areas?

E.g. For individual giving acquisition
In my opinion it’s worth…in acquisition.

Tick one box for each channel.
Space Cell Spending MoreSpending the SameSpending Less
Print advertising
6. For income
In my opinion any growth in fundraising income is likely to come from…

Tick a box for each source.

Space Cell Likely to growLikely to stay sameLikely to shrink
Individual regular giving
Community fundraising including events
Major Donors- gifts greater than $15K
Foundations including family and corporate
Corporate- excluding corporate foundations
Earned income/services
8. Thank you for taking part in the survey. Your individual results will be kept confidential. But we need your email address to be able to send you the results. Please leave it here.
9. Please also let us know whether you’d be interested in taking part in the follow up scenarios exercise: