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Chicago Covid-19 Expedited Housing Initiative: Unit Confirmation Information

Introduction and Contact Information

The COVID-19 crisis has made people without housing even more vulnerable and the need for housing is now more important than ever. To respond to the crisis, the Chicago Continuum of Care (CoC) has developed the COVID-19 Expedited Housing Initiative to house people who are vulnerable to COVID-19. Thank you for committing available housing units to this effort.

The purpose of this form is to collect information, videos and pictures for the units that you have available in the city of Chicago. If you are submitting a video, please include all items listed in the Landlord Virtual Inspection Guidance. Once submitted, an All Chicago staff person may reach out for additional questions if needed.

Please contact us with any questions at

1. Contact Information:
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2. This form includes two sections. There is a "Landlord Information" section in which you can supply information about your requirements and application process. There is a "Unit Information" section in which you can supply addresses, pictures, and other details regarding available units. 

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