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Oasis Survey


A. What is Oasis? Oasis is a new public park at 2565 Washington Street at the old Bartlett Station that will provide green space to sit quietly and a connection to the arts with festivals and concerts.

B. How to Visit Oasis: We invite you to walk from Whittier (or another location) to Oasis to get to (re)know the space so you can provide input on the project. Gather you family to join you! Spread the word by sharing the link to your Whittier friends!

The map below is a suggested route from Whittier. Start at Whittier and walk down Ruggles Street toward Nubian Square. Turn right on Washington Street passing through Nubian Square, then crossing over Malcolm X Boulevard/Dudley Street, and continuing up Washington for two more blocks (you will see a Dunkin’ Donuts on the right before the site). 

C. Observe and Imagine:
As you walk, you might want to think about:

-Green spaces you pass
-Things that would make your walk down Ruggles Street more comfortable (benches, signs, etc.)
-Public art you see
-Artists and art you like
-Safe spaces you visit

Once you arrive at Oasis, you may want to consider: 
-What features (benches, shade, water fountain, etc.) should the plaza have to be useful to/comfortable for you?
-What type of outdoor public art do you like that would work well in this space?
-What type of outdoor performances/events can you imagine attending in this space?
-Are you or someone in your family an artist or maker? What would you/they want to share in this space?
-Take a photo of yourself at Oasis!

D. Share: Share your ideas using the survey below. Once we receive your completed survey, we’ll send you a small thank you for your input. If you find it easier, feel free to give us a call to discuss your ideas rather than answer the survey.

You can reach us at 917.882.1486 if you prefer to give your survey responses or with other questions.
Once you get to 2565 Washington Street, take a right on Bartlett Station Drive and the future public plaza will be on your left. 
1. Have you been to this area of the neighborhood before?

2. How did you get to Oasis?
3. Do you think you will return to Oasis when completed?
8. Upload your photo of your visit to Oasis @ Bartlett. 
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