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Ober Park Playground for All

Please scroll through the five options for playground equipment below and please rank each of the Options, 1-5. One star is your least favorite, while 5 stars is your favorite. Don't worry about the colors of the playground equipment; you will get to vote on the color palette later in this survey.

Please note: VPD was made aware that some respondents experienced technical difficulties when they took the survey. If you had trouble viewing the images of the playground equipment or fitness equipment please note we believe we have resolved this issue. If you prefer to take the survey with a hard copy, please email VPD at, and you will be emailed a copy. It's important to us that each person that wants to take the survey can do so, whatever the method. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 
1. Which Play Equipment Option do you prefer? *This question is required.
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Option 5
Please look at the colors available for the playground equipment below and select your favorite color palette.
2. Which Play Equipment color option do you prefer the most? *This question is required.