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A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1002 Quiz 28

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut

1. You have been having trouble with your laptop crashing. You would like your computer to create a memory dump file when it crashes. Where should you place the paging file?
2. Which ACPI power state retains the contents in RAM, but turns all other components off?
3. A technician is assisting a user with rebooting a frozen laptop that does not respond to keystrokes or mouse clicks. Which of the following is the SIMPLEST way to power down the laptop?
4. A new computer has been added to the Sales department and needs to be joined to the CorpNet domain. Which of the following System Properties settings MUST be used to make the change?
5. A user calls to report a problem. She is trying to install an application on her new Windows 10 system, but cannot. Her user account is a member of the Users group on the system. What do you suspect is causing the installation issue?
6. Mary and Pablo share a customer support workstation. Mary works in the morning, and Pablo works in the evening.

One day Mary is helping a customer with a support issue. Because her shift is over, she creates a Word document with details about the customer she is helping. She saves it to the C:Customer folder on the computer. When Pablo comes in, he is unable to open the file.

Which of the following will MOST likely allow Pablo to open the file?
7. A user stores sensitive data on a USB flash drive. Which of the following can be used to encrypt the data on this drive?
8. One of the Windows workstations you manage has four user accounts defined on it. Two of the users are limited users while the third (your account) is an administrative user. The fourth account is the Guest user account, which has been enabled to allow management employees convenient workstation access.

Each limited and administrative user has been assigned a strong password. File and folder permissions have been assigned to prevent users from accessing each other's files. Autorun has been disabled on the system.

Which of the following actions is MOST likely to increase the security of this system?
9. A small company hires a technician to review their wireless security. The technician discovers that the wireless signal is available outside of the building.

Which of the following could the technician recommend to correct this problem? (Choose TWO)
10. Your organization is frequently visited by sales reps. While on-site, they frequently plug their notebook systems into any available wall jack, hoping to get internet connectivity. You are concerned that allowing them to do this could result in the spread of malware throughout your network.

Which of the following would BEST protect you from guest malware infection? (Choose TWO)
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