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Event Attendee Survey

BlackBook Media is interested in learning about your experience finding events to attend online. We admit it's a weird time to ask about the stuff you like to do with groups of people. But remember, this is going to pass, and we'll be able to get together again. We're working on a product that will help that happen, because we believe events, the venues that host them, the promoters that put them on, the artists that share their work, and -- most of all -- the people who show up are the heart of our community. 

As you answer, please try to respond based on your experiences before the pandemic. Except for the part where we specifically ask you about after the pandemic, obviously.

This survey should take you about 5 minutes to complete. As a thanks for your time, there's what's probably the best joke you've ever heard on the last page, but you only get to see it if you finish!