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National Arts Fundraising School 2020 Best Alumni Fundraiser Nomination Form

National Arts Fundraising School Best Alumni Fundraiser 2020- Individual Nomination Form

We’re delighted you’ve decided to nominate yourself or another individual for the Best Alumni 'outstanding individual' award. You can nominate anyone, including yourself, provided they are an alumnus or alumna of the National Arts Fundraising School. You can nominate any number of people but please use a separate form for each person

There is a different entry form for all the other Emcee awards. To enter an organisation or campaign for these awards revisit the NAFS emcees page.

The deadline for nominations is 5pm on 24th July 2020.
1. About you
2. About the nominee
Thank for your entry. We’ll be in touch to let you know if the person you have  nominated has been shortlisted by 5pm on 30th July 2020.  We may then follow up with some additional questions.