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Food Pantry Grant Program - Application

United Dairy Industry of Michigan is proud to partner with food pantries to provide dairy foods, equipment and resources supporting an increase in distribution of dairy foods to clients.  Our goal is that all clients visiting Michigan’s food pantries have access to nutrient-rich dairy foods.
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Explanation of Grants Available

Dairy Foods Grant

Food pantries are eligible to apply for up to $500 in dairy match funding.  If a food pantry purchases dairy foods from their food bank or a local retailer, they can receive matching funds to purchase additional dairy foods.  Eligible dairy foods include milk, cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese. 

Food Pantry Infrastructure Grant
Food pantries may apply for up to $2500 in funds to improve pantry infrastructure to support the distribution of dairy foods.  Applications must include an itemized budget of funds requested.  Examples of infrastructure requests to support dairy include coolers, transportation, maintenance, etc.  
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