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Recreator Advertising Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in advertising in the Recreator! At this time, we are only producing a digital publication and as such we have lowered our advertising rates. Advertising rates are charged quarterly for each edition of the Recreator via invoice. Advertisers may elect to be included in individual publications or each edition for an entire year at a discounted rate. *Discounts are also available for nonprofit organizations.

2021 Advertising Rates:
  • Back Cover 
    • Single Issue: $1,250
    • Annual Agreement: $1,000
  • Inside Covers
    • Single Issue: $1,000
    • Annual Agreement: $775
  • Full Page
    • Single Issue: $875
    • Annual Agreement: $675
  • Half Page
    • Single Issue: $475
    • Annual Agreement: $400
  • Quarter Page
    • Single Issue: $325
    • Annual Agreement: $250
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3. Select the seasons you are interested in advertising in:
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