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Blockchain IP Ecosystem Survey

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The goal of this survey is to gather information for a Blockchain Whitepaper that will identify how blockchain technology can contribute to establishing a robust, streamlined, cost-effective, inclusive, and transparent IP ecosystem in the era of digital transformation. For the purposes of the survey, proposed below is an IP value chain with four phases.

  1. Creation
  2. Protection
  3. Management 
  4. Commercialization

IP Creation

The creation phase includes all steps starting from the initial idea with potential IP value to the existence of a work eligible for IP protection. The sub-phases defined here are ideation, exploration, conception, and IP protection strategy.

IP Protection

The Protection phase includes all activities involved in obtaining legal protection for a work in the form of IP Rights; these are grouped into three sub-phases: IP Rights prosecution, IP maintenance, and IP enforcement.


IP Management 

The IP management phase includes all those management activities that develop and raise the value of the IP Rights portfolio, done mainly by the IP Rights holder. Here the sub-phases are IP audit, IP portfolio analysis, IP lifecycle analysis, Competitive Technology Intelligence, and IP landscape.

IP Commercialization

The commercialization phase includes all those activities directly involved in generating revenue from the IP Rights portfolio: finance and monetization.



Data provided in this survey may be used by the World Intellectual Property Organization and entities acting on its behalf to develop a whitepaper on blockchain for IP and related materials. Responses will not be attributed to specific individuals or entities without their consent. In some cases, you may be contacted to request more information about your answers or for an interview. Participation is voluntary and may be discontinued at any time.