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FLEX Opportunities Challenge Submission

Ongoing FLEX Opportunities Challenges are determined by community members, families, and individuals based on day to day living, shared needs, and potential areas for growth and development among individuals with ASD and related disabilities. Challenges are informed through real-life experiences, serve to drive skills training materials available, and provide opportunity to showcase the successes of participating individuals. Take a moment to share your progress on the current FLEX Opportunities Challenge!
How do you share information about ASD with those around you? Share with us how you train or support increased awareness and understanding of autism or ASD for those around you by October 2 for your chance to be our next featured FLEX Opportunities Challenge winner!
2. Upload a file or image of materials you use when sharing information about ASD. 
Share information about yourself so we can contact you and/or announce a winner after receiving all submissions for this FLEX Opportunities Challenge!
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4. Your role(s):
5. Would you like to learn more about, to stay engaged with or to participate in upcoming or ongoing HANDS in Autism® training, services or activities?
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6. The HANDS team looks forward to reviewing your entry from among FLEX Opportunities challenge submissions to select and highlight a winner that is doing great things!

With my submission, I agree to allow the HANDS team to include or share information or images from my submission as part of their media and informational materials as part of the FLEX Opportunities challenge and related work. Such sharing may include use of images, text highlights, or comments that provide an opportunity to showcase your work on this topic.