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IMG's Help APA - Share Your Story

Share Your Story

International medical graduates (IMGs) play a crucial role in addressing the significant mental health needs our country- particularly in rural and underserved communities. That's why APA is fighting for the passage of the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act (H.R. 6788/ S. 3599), which would allow IMGs and their families to stay in the US to continue to provide the highest quality of care to their patients. APA is also aware of the difficulties IMGs are facing due to complicated visa process that causes unnecessary burdens on medical students and residents. 

We Need Your Help! Our congressional champions want to share your stories with their colleagues. They want their colleagues to know the real people - their struggles and their service - behind the statistics. Use this form to introduce yourself to your federal lawmakers. Tell them how you help your patients, the role you play in your community, and what if any struggles you've faced navigating the visa process.

We purposefully created the survey so that participants could provide as much or as little identifying information as they feel comfortable. However, lawmakers are far more interested in stories when they come from constituents and community members. As such, even if you are not comfortable providing your name and contact information, we strongly encourage you to provide your state and/or zip code so that we can determine your federal lawmakers.
2. If you feel comfortable doing so, please provide APA with some or all of your contact information. APA will use your home and business address to determine your Representative and share your story with his or her office as well.
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3. May APA share your contact information with lawmakers? Lawmakers respond best to constituents so, while we want to respect your confidentially, we request the ability to at least share the name of your city or town.