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CISSP Practice Quiz: Domain 4 Communication and Network Security Quiz 1

CISSP Practice Quiz: Domain 4 Communications and Network Security Quiz 1

1. Which one of the following IP addresses is routable on the Internet?
2. What is the second step in the three-way TCP handshake to initiate a connection?
3. What IPsec protocol provides confidentiality for the payload of data packets?
4. What subnet mask uses 24 bits for the network portion of the address?
5. Which one of the following wireless encryption protocols makes use of the temporal key integrity protocol (TKIP)?
6. What law requires that, in some cases, networking professionals cooperate with law enforcement agents attempting to eavesdrop on suspected criminal activity?
7. Brian would like to secure his website. Which one of the following protocols is the best choice for encrypting communication between a website and its users?
8. Tom would like to protect against an intruder tapping his network cable. Which cable provides the best protection against this type of attack?
9. What type of attack might a hacker use to feed a client false information about the identity of a server?
10. Caitlyn would like to ensure that recipients of mail from her company may be assured that the messages came from an authorized server. What protocol should she adopt?