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Impact of Covid-19 on students - UoS


STAR and Universities of Sanctuary are currently collecting research for a report on the support offered by the higher education sector for students from a refugee background during the Covid-19 crisis.

It would be really helpful to hear the experiences of University students from a refugee background, or those who are in the process of applying to University this year to guide the report. The information you provide can be used to help Universities understand where they may need to provide more support for students in the future. 

Let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for your help! 

2. 2. Have you felt supported by your University to help you move to online learning?
3. 3a. Have you had any of these issues during the move to online learning this term?
5. 4a. Has your University financially supported you during this period as a student?
7. 5. If your scholarship includes 'in kind' support, such as campus vouchers for food or resources, how has this changed?
8. 6a. If applicable, how well have the changes to mental health services been now that they are no longer face-to-face?
10. 7. If you were attending ESOL classes, how have these been adapted during the pandemic?
11. 8a. If you are in the process of applying for University, in what ways has Covid-19 impacted your application?
13. 9a. If you are studying as a postgraduate, have you experienced any issues during the recent University changes over the last few months?
15. 10a. What issues are you worried about facing when the Autumn term begins in September?
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