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LRS blog feedback

Library Research Service (LRS) would like to collect your feedback on our blog. Our goal is to ensure the next iteration of our LRS blog directly addresses the research and data needs and challenges of the library community. Thank you for taking your time to provide your input! 
2. About how often do you read the LRS blog? 
WeeklyMonthlyA few times a yearOnce a yearI have not read the blog
3. Where did you first learn about the LRS blog?
4. How much time are you usually willing to spend reading an LRS blog post?
5. How interested would you be in reading a blog series on the following topics? 
Space Cell 5 - Very interested4321 - Not at all interestedNot sure
Tips and tricks for conducting research in a library
How to create data visualizations
How much data you need to collect to answer a research question
Statistical analyses common in library research (frequencies, distributions, t-tests, etc.)
Pros and cons of different research methods (interviews, surveys, focus groups, etc.)
Real-life examples of research conducted in libraries
Definitions of common data terms (inputs, outputs, baseline, sample, etc)