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2020 Psychiatric Services Achievement Awards Application

2020 Psychiatric Services Achievement Awards application

Submission deadline: July 31, 2020

Only APA members can submit applications 

Please note that a complete submission must include:
  • This completed online form
  • Program description
Please email questions to:

Program eligibility criteria:
  • In full operation for a minimum of two (2) years before the application deadline
  • Has overcome obstacles
  • Offers services to the mentally ill or disabled
  • Can serve as a model for other programs

This is an online form and all information you enter in the application will be sent to us electronically. Please complete all fields. You can save this form and retrieve for editing if it has not been submitted. Be sure to read over your application, make any corrections and print a copy for your records before it is submitted.

For help with this form, call (202) 609-7230. 
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