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Student Consent and Enrollment Form

Welcome to Power Read!

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Your child has been selected by his/her teacher to be part of the Everybody Wins! Iowa’s Power Read mentoring program. Everybody Wins! Iowa (EWI) is a local nonprofit organization that coordinates volunteer mentoring programs at 35 schools around Central Iowa.

Power Read is a weekly, read-aloud session at school (or online) scheduled during breakfast, lunch, or after-school. Your child will be paired with a volunteer mentor. There are typically 10-12 student/mentor matches in the Power Read session and all meet at the same time and location.

The goal of Power Read is for students to develop an enthusiasm for reading and learning, as well as build confidence leading to increased success in school and life. The student/mentor relationships develop as they read books of student choice, discuss books, and make connections and engage in casual conversation. The mentor is not a teacher, but rather serves as a trusted adult for the student. As an added benefit, your child will receive 4-6 new books to take home throughout the school year.

Power Read sessions will always be supervised by an on-site EWI Coordinator (at school or online). Mentors are not allowed to visit their student outside of supervised Power Read sessions. All mentors have completed an EWI training session. All mentors have passed a State of Iowa criminal, sexual, and abuse background check. Neither students nor mentors will receive any personal identification information (all communications will be managed by EWI staff).

Please complete the following online enrollment form and consent for your child to participate in Power Read:
I give permission for my child to participate in the Power Read program (in person or online) while they attend elementary school and would benefit from a reading mentor: *This question is required.
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