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Arapahoe County Open Spaces Survey

Open Spaces
2020 Master Plan Survey
We want to hear from you! We are conducting a public survey for Arapahoe County’s Open Spaces Master Plan and your opinion is important to us. Regardless of whether you visit our parks, trails and open spaces or not, we want to know your thoughts and ideas. Your answers to this survey will help guide how lands, trails and parks across Arapahoe County are preserved and enjoyed over the next 10 years.

With the COVID-19 pandemic weighing heavily in our lives, it can be hard to focus on anything else. Even in this crisis, however, it is important for us to seek feedback and move forward on preserving and improving our future.

Your answers are completely confidential and will be shared only in combined form with the responses of others. Thank you for caring about Arapahoe County’s open space system and for sharing your ideas for the future! 

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Arapahoe County is Colorado’s first county and one of the largest with a population of more than 656,000. The questions in this survey refer to the parks, trails and open spaces owned and managed by Arapahoe County including:
  • Dove Valley Regional Park
  • 17 Mile House Farm Park
  • Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park
  • Cheyenne Arapaho Park
  • Arapahoe County Fairgrounds
  • Arapahoe Road Trailhead
  • Broncos Parkway Trailhead
  • Richmil Ranch Open Space
Arapahoe County supports additional outdoor recreation and trail projects in communities across the County by providing grants and sharing the sales tax with cities, towns and park districts within the County.
1. On average, how often did you visit Arapahoe County parks, open spaces and/or trails in the past 12 months?