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Global young energy professionals survey

There is a climate emergency and humankind must remove greenhouse gas emissions from the global energy system as quickly as possible.

This emergency is compounded by continuing growth in global energy demand. These needs must be met in a sustainable way, without compromising energy security, in particular for the billions still living without adequate access to energy.

We cannot view these two challenges independently. Protecting our planet while reducing the imbalances across societies is the great challenge of our age. We need more, cleaner, secure, better-managed energy - and fast.

The Energy Institute (EI) is creating a platform, Generation 2050, to allow the voices of young energy professionals and students like yourself to be heard in the global debate about climate change and universal access to energy. This survey is the first part of that programme. The results will be used to assemble a manifesto to current energy and political leaders, to be published later this year. This programme will continue in 2021, with engagement in the run-up to COP26.

This survey is intended for anyone in the early stages of their career; as a guide we imagine most respondents will be age 35 or younger, have worked in energy for 15 years or fewer, or be studying for a future career in energy.

Thank you for contributing to this important project!

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First, a few demographic questions to help us interpret the results:
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The following diversity and inclusion questions are important, but sensitive, therefore we have made them optional. We would greatly appreciate your responses - the more responses we receive, the more informed we can be about how to make the industry an inclusive and equal place to work. We will use the information to gauge how different groups view the industry and their place within it, with the aim of identifying specific areas for improvement. Again, these will all be kept anonymous when analysing the data.
6. What is your gender?
7. How old are you?
8. How would you describe your ethnic background?