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COVID Surveillance Testing

Facility and Submitter Details

3. Submitter Information
This question requires a valid email address.
The purpose of this data collection is to capture people who are tested during the testing period, not number of tests administered. Throughout this submission, never report more than one test result per person during the week - if more than one test was performed on a person, report the most recent test.
Reminder: The week begins at 7:00 AM on the first day and ends at 6:59 AM on the last day of the selected dates.
Staff includes all persons, paid or unpaid, working or volunteering at the nursing facility, who have the potential for exposure to residents or to infectious materials. Staff does not include persons who work entirely remotely or off-site, employees on leave, such as paid family medical leave,  or staffing provided at the Commonwealth’s expense. Please refer to the DPH Long Term Care Surveillance Testing guidance and the MassHealth Nursing Facility Bulletin 148 for the full definition. This question requires a valid number format.
Number of staff who worked 1 or more shifts during the testing period
This question requires a valid number format.
For the baseline period, please choose "Weekly or baseline requirement to test 90% of staff" below
6. Based on your reporting from last week’s testing period, what staff testing requirement were you operating under during this week’s period? *This question is required.