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Parenting Class Registration

1. Our parent groups are fun and parents find them very helpful to support their kids and have a happier family. Our Guiding Good Choices group is for parents of youth ages 7-14 years old. It meets once a week for 6 weeks.  We also offer parent support groups that meet regularly in different languages.

Fill out this registration and we will contact you with more information.
All information on this form is optional.  We will not share your contact information with anyone.  If you include your address we will only use it to mail you class materials and prizes for your family as well as a certificate of completion.

If you want help completing this form over the phone, please call the person below:

ENGLISH, AMHARIC or OROMO Abdu Gobeni 206-355-4791
TIGRINYA Senait Tadesse 206-883-1742
SOMALI Suad Farole 206-779-8545 or Nafiso Samatar 206-778-9755
SPANISH Jonny Fernandez 206-376-0725   
VIETNAMESE Justin Van 206-349-5885
CHINESE (Mandarin) Yuan Bai 740-360-6421
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