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APA Mini-Sabbatical Fellowship Application

Please complete your application online prior to the deadline. You may stop and save your work at anytime.
The APA Mini-Sabbatical fellowship is a program, offered to young pancreatologists, to allow them to spend up to two months with a reputable pancreatic research center. This funding is intended for young pancreatologists to gain or expand skills in practice or research under the guidance of experts in the field of pancreatology. This fellowship is available to members of the American Pancreatic Association who are students, trainees, and junior faculty (up to Assistant Professor).
Application Checklist:
  • Confirm APA 2020 dues are paid 
  • Sabbatical information (site, name of mentor, anticipated travel dates)
  • Copy of your CV/Bio sketch
  • Brief explanation of why the sabbatical will be helpful to you (250 word max)
  • Outline of your research/clinical project (2 page maximum)
  • Letter of reference from your current program director
  • Letter of acceptance from guest institution

For more information on objectives and guidelines, please click here.

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