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Youth documentarNYC webinar series

Thank you for your interest in participating and learning more about documentarNYCWe are glad to make these sessions available for youth wherever you are in the world.  

This one-hour webinar on Zoom will show you how documentarNYC works and also give you the opportunity to connect with youth throughout the city. 

Through documentarNYC you will discover a creative outlet to:
  •             Show what’s happening in your life
  •             Find out what other youth are experiencing
  •             Influence what NYC leaders and policymakers think and do to respond to youth
  •             Keep adding to the story so we witness, connect, care and hold our stories together.
When you complete the registration form, you will receive the event information. 

If you are interested but cannot make the available times, please email, and we will do our best to work with you at a later date. 
5. Which documentarNYC webinar would you like to join?