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Virtual Focus Group Survey


Sacramento’s Classic Rock Station, 96.9 The Eagle wants your opinion on how we can be a better radio station. We're hosting two virtual Listener Advisory Board groups via Zoom on Tuesday, August 4th and Wednesday, August 5th at 4:00pm local time each day.

If you have a computer or a tablet with a camera, and you’re comfortable using a video chat platform (ex: Zoom, GoToMeeting, Facetime), we might want to talk with you. To participate, you must be at home using a tablet or computer.  The groups will take place on the Zoom platform and we will want to see you.

We are recruiting small groups (6-7 people) to participate in these Zoom Listener Advisory Board groups.

Please fill out our brief questionnaire if these dates and times work for you. We'll be contacting several people to participate.

By the way, if you've EVER participated in an Eagle Listener Advisory Board group before, we thank you but ask you NOT to fill out this questionnaire. We are looking for voices we have not heard from yet. Thanks again for your past participation.