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Private Jet/Air Charter Application

Thank you for your interest in Signature Travel Network. When completing this application, all responses should be focused solely on how you cater to travelers from North America.
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13. What is your specialty (private jet, air charters, fractional ownership, air segments, broker, Jet card and/or membership services, etc.). Please select all that apply? *This question is required.
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17. % of business long-haul versus domestic? *This question is required.
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18. Please describe and include % of destinations served:  *This question is required.
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19. What is your distribution mix travel trade vs. consumer? *This question is required.
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26. Are you currently working with Signature Member Agencies? *This question is required.
27. If yes, please list 3 or 4 Signature Member Agencies that could provide a reference for you:
27. Are there minimum hours charged? 
28. Are you preferred with any other US based consortium?   
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