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BECC 2020 Virtual Individual Submission

Welcome to the Virtual Conference Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Abstract Submission Portal
For information on what to submit, please visit:

Deadline: July 17, 2020

This site is for individual virtual presentations (maximum length is 10 minutes) and project snapshots (virtual posters) only. If you have a proposal for a curated session (three speakers plus a moderator), please go to Panels.

Welcome to the Virtual BECC 2020 Abstract Submission Portal.  BECC has decided to go virtual for 2020. Therefore we've decided to re-open abstract submissions for a limited time, until July 17.  If you already submitted an abstract during the Spring round of abstract submissions, you do not need to re-submit the same abstract again – we have kept your submission and will consider it for the virtual conference.  All individual presentations will be limited to 10 minutes.

Mitigating climate change with an emphasis on climate justice is more urgent than ever.  For more than a decade, BECC has presented behavioral research on nudging people and organizations to make these changes. Now is the time to move from nudges to leaps.

BECC invites you to present your work and learn from others about how to encourage behavior change for energy and carbon savings, how to evaluate these programs, how to understand why individuals and groups change, and how to make these transitions in fair and equitable ways. Researchers, academics, businesses, utilities, governments, and non-profits come together to learn and network in this unique conference.

We seek new, innovative research and applied for work with a particular emphasis on scale-up efforts and results, which lead to leaps forward in achieving climate justice. As in the past, we always look for work from people and organizations working to create a sustainable future.

Abstract submission length is 300 words, not including the author's information.

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5. We seek to provide new work with a particular emphasis on scale-up efforts and results which lead to leaps forward. To ensure that the work is new to our BECC audience, please let us know if the work will be presented before BECC 2020, including where and when. *This question is required.
6. Co-authors.  You can list up to two.  More authors can be added later.
7. If you have already submitted an abstract last Spring, there is no need to resubmit.  All submissions are still under review.  However, if you have a new idea for submissions, please use this form to submit your idea.  If you have questions, please contact Sam Mahany at *This question is required.