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There are four categories for students to be eligible to opt-out of the UPASS:
  1. You are enrolled in a program that is less than six (6) weeks long;
  2. You are enrolled in an off-campus practicum or co-op program that is seven (7) weeks or longer;
  3. Your primary residence for the period of study is outside of the Kamloops Transit Area Boundaries;
  4. You have a disability services bus pass issued by the province.
Complete the form below to apply to opt-out of the TRUSU UPASS for the Winter 2021 Semester. 
1. Contact Information *This question is required.
2. Residential Address During the Opt-Out Period
3. Program Information
Program Type *This question is required.
This question requires a valid date format of YYYY/MM/DD.
4. Opt-Out Qualification *This question is required.
Your selection above does not qualify for a UPASS Opt-out. Please contact if you have any questions. 
5. Please upload a copy of your Winter 2021 Course Registration Data Form *This question is required.Your copy must be legible and include your name, address, and courses for the semester. If you aren't sure what form you need please watch the video below to find yours. 

Not sure how to find your Course Registration Data Form? Watch this video for step by step instructions.

Please upload a copy of your Proof of Address
(Driver's License, BC Services Card, BC ID, utility bill, etc) *This question is required.
Please upload a copy of your BC Disability Bus Pass *This question is required.