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Pedestrian Safety Draft Plan Comments

The U.S. DOT has identified current and future U.S. DOT actions to enhance pedestrian safety. These actions will feed into the development of the U.S. DOT Pedestrian Safety Action Plan. As we discuss ways we can work together to enhance pedestrian safety, we look forward to a dialogue on noteworthy practices, as well as any input you may have on these actions.

Click here to view the table of the current and future U.S. DOT actions to be completed in the next couple of years. The table is organized around activities that we will ensure support the Safe System approach, which is an approach that promotes a more forgiving transportation system that takes human vulnerability into account. It caters to all the modes of transportation, including pedestrians and bicyclists. 

We want your help to identify gaps, ideas to enhance current or planned future efforts, inform future activities, leverage new partnerships and provide feedback for continued dialogue. Let us hear your views and ideas by August 31, 2020.