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WID Blog Submissions

The World Institute on Disability is looking to highlight perspectives of people with disabilities around the globe using our new blog.

Currently, we are looking for blog pitches that address the COVID-19 experiences of people with disabilities and disability-led organizations. We will be accepting brief (1 paragraph) pitches describing the blog post you would write, including a short description of the issue(s) you or your disability-led organization are facing, what is needed to address the issue, and any other information you'd like to include, such as relevant policy, first-person accounts, or how your experience connects to those of other disabled people globally. 

Pitches will be accepted on a rolling basis, and those who are selected will be paid an honorarium of $150 (USD) to write a blog post (500 to 800 words) to be posted as original content on our website and social media pages, with credit to the author. Writers and leaders with disabilities experiencing multiple intersections of oppression and people with disabilities who live outside of the US are highly encouraged to submit. We will prioritize submissions from people with disabilities.

Several topics we will prioritize: experiences and challenges getting funding for rapid disaster response; issues around institutionalization, incarceration, and congregate living facilities; experiences of Black and indigenous people of color with disabilities; and experiences of people with intellectual, developmental, or cognitive disabilities.

We are not currently interested in receiving pitches about perspectives of non-disabled people or previously published work.
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