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1. Where do you see yourself?
2. What age group are you in?
5. Tell us your family status
7. From where do you get your latest tips and information regarding music / video production?
8. Where did you hear about Producer Planet?
10. Why do you come to Producer Planet?
11. Do you use other platforms to buy sample packs, plugins, songs or video?
12. In which frequency do you buy articles on Producer Planet?
every 1-4 months
15. If you are a music producer, do you know the benefit of using Soundpools in Music Maker or ACIDized Loops in ACID Pro?
16. How would you feel if you could no longer use Producer Planet ?
20. Are you interested in sharing your musical output online with others?
21. What is the probability that you will recommend Producer Planet to others?
(1 = very unlikely / 10 = definitely)
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