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Volunteer Matching Service

Volunteering Matching Service


The time has come! You are now able to submit a request to find out the contact details of available volunteers that are local to your shops. In order to start the process, please complete the below information. This will give us the details we need to do a proximity search based on the postcodes that you provide. We will then send you a list of volunteers available in the surrounding areas so you can start introducing yourselves. 

When entering your requests please bear in mind you can reduce the number of searches by adjusting the proximity to your location. Please try to cover shops which are concentrated in one location within the same search by setting the mileage to a higher value, as requests are limited to 5 per submission.
1. Contact Form

* The contact details you supply us with will be held in SurveyGizmo for a maximum of 2 years in order to contact you in case of query. *This question is required.
This question requires a valid email address.
2. Please specify the location (postcode) in which you are most in need of volunteers. If your requirement is national or regional, you can set the mileage to a higher number (i.e "we need volunteers within 300 miles of postcode XXNN NYY"). Please make sure the postcodes you enter are valid. This information is essential for the search to return accurate results. In the proximity field please only enter numerical values.  *This question is required.
Postcode Proximity in miles (distance from postcode to search)
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Location 3
Location 4
Location 5