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Virtual Readiness Survey

Mangum Public Schools Virtual Readiness Survey

Dear Parents & Students,
The COVID virus caught all of us off-guard last spring.  Thank you for working with us to make the best of a bad situation.  Unfortunately, the virus continues to plague us.  While we do not know the future, we are making plans to be proactive this Fall.  We have every intention of having school as scheduled.  However, we must have a plan in place that addresses the need of every student, regardless of COVID's impact on each.  Therefore, we are designing a "Seamless Transition" model of education.  In short, if a student wants to come to campus, our teachers will use technology to access and relay their lessons.  Likewise, if a student is unable to come to school because of COVID, bad weather, or you as a parent just don't feel comfortable sending them to school that day, we will equip each student with the technology and tools to access that same lesson from home.   In order to be prepared for such an undertaking, we need to have some hard data to use while making decisions.  Therefore, we are asking that all students fill out a questionnaire.  If you have more that one student, please fill out a separate survey for each student.  Thank your for your help.
Dr. Shane Boothe, Superintendent
3. Does the contact number accept text messages?
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5. Does the student have internet access at home?
6. Does the student listed have a device (Computer, Chromebook or Tablet that is available/suitable for educational use) at home?
7. Would your student prefer to use their personal device at school?