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Made at Home Exhibition

Made at Home Exhibition

‘Made at Home’
Online Exhibition 2020

As an arts organisation, we want to celebrate with the community that we love, the places, the people, the artists and creative community we are connected with. Therefore, Greenfield Arts would like to offer the opportunity to participate in ‘Made at Home’, the online exhibition. The exhibition will run from Monday 10 August – Friday 21 August 2020.

‘Made at Home’ is a chance for artists to submit a piece of artwork that has been created over these recent times. The exhibition is free of charge.

Greenfield Arts aims to attract a wide range of artforms and mediums. We want to showcase and celebrate skills and attributes of artists, whilst celebrating creativity within the community during these unprecedented times.

To ensure we have your permission to use your image online, please complete the artist submission form below.  Please also make sure you have fully read the terms of agreement below.

Once you have completed the form below you can simply submit your image as an attachment whenever you are ready to by Friday 31 July.
  • All artwork needs to be sent as a JPEG image – to save an image as JPEG, you need to select the file and click export file, from here you click on select file type to open a list of available file types, the next step is to click on JPEG and it will convert your image to a JPEG image.
  • Please ensure you have completed the submission form for Greenfield Arts to use your image publicly.
  • Please ensure the capturing of the artwork is taken against a plain background.
  • Please ensure that there are no logos or business cards captured with the artwork.
  • The artwork image needs to be clear and in focus.
  • Greenfield Arts will curate and programme the exhibition and any additional activities or events, all curatorial decisions will be made by Greenfield Arts team
  • Your name will be displayed alongside your artwork.
  • We would like new work that has not been displayed at Greenfield Arts
  • As this is an online exhibition, we cannot currently facilitate the sales of artwork.
This question requires a valid email address.
Thank you for entering Made at Home we look forward to receiving your entry by email, please forward to, if you would like any further information please contact our team via this email.