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The A-Z of Digital Marketing Series - FSF

The A-Z of Digital Marketing Programme - What Masterclasses Would you Like to See Us Run?

Over the coming months, we'll be running a bespoke 6-part webinar programme, in partnership with award-winning digital agency Receptional. 

This series of 40-minute webinars will help you to optimise your digital marketing strategy, including giving your SEO an MOT, optimising your website for conversions and turning audience insight into marketing actions. 

Once we’ve covered the fundamentals over the first 3 sessions, we’d like to give you the choice to vote on which channels you'd like us to focus on in the remaining 3.

It would be great if you could find a moment to vote below, on your priorities and what you'd like to see us put on. 
1. Please order the topics below by dragging and dropping, putting the masterclass you would most like us put on a webinar about at the top of the list:
  *This question is required. Order the items from the following list. First select an item with the spacebar to show a menu of possible ranking positions. Next, click a ranking position to order it in the ranked list. Note the menu will display more ordering options as you add items to the ranked list.
3. Which of the below options best describes your business?