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Northfield Home Energy Survey

Thank you so much for helping us to learn more about the way Northfield residents think about energy efficiency at home.

We’d like to learn more about how residents like you decide whether or not to make energy efficiency improvements at home. Your responses will be anonymous.

Thank you!
Northfield Energy Action Team


1. Have you had a Home Energy Squad® visit, or other virtual or in-person home energy audit? 
What are the primary reasons you haven't had a home energy audit (with the Home Energy Squad or other companies)? Please check all that apply. 
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If you haven't had a Home Energy Squad visit, would you like someone to contact you about signing up? Note, we will need your email address to share with the Home Energy Squad scheduling team and will not associate your email address with the aggregated responses for other questions. 
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2. What's the status of the following energy saving opportunities in your home? 
Space Cell CompletedIn progressStill need to doNot neededUnsure
Adding more insulation to your walls and attic
Air sealing your attic
Installing a programmable or smart thermostat
Replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs
Updating appliances that are 15+ years old (e.g. refrigerator, washing machine)
Installing an energy-efficient boiler, furnace, or heat pump
Installing a high-efficiency water heater
For projects you haven't completed, what barriers are preventing you from moving forward? Please check all that apply. 
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3. We're thinking about offering support to Northfield residents when they're considering energy efficiency improvements. How helpful do you think these offerings would be? 
Space Cell Extremely helpfulVery helpfulModerately helpfulSlightly helpfulNot at all helpful
Advisor service to help guide next steps
Online resource(s) to answer my questions
Bonus incentives (e.g. additional rebates)
Low-interest financing