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COVID Crisis Rental Assistance Pre-Application

Want to know if you are eligible for COVID Crisis Rental Assistance through Maricopa County? 

Please answer the following questions to determine your eligibility on a preliminary basis. If you are determined conditionally eligible, you will be requested to submit supporting documentation (including the Landlord Verification Form and W-9 Form) to expedite the application process. After submission of supporting documentation, your local CAP office may call or email with the next steps. Additional documentation may be requested. Please note, submission of a pre-application does not guarantee provision of rental assistance.

Please be advised that a large volume of applications is expected for this service. Maricopa County is committed to providing as timely a response as possible, but please anticipate a lag in email responses and/or delay in scheduling appointments at your local CAP office. Applicants' patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Limited funding is available for COVID Crisis Rental Assistance and is provided on a first-come, first-served basis in each geographic service area. We expect to serve 6,000 households with our limited funding.