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CE Pro 2020 Resimercial Deep Dive Survey

Gauging Commercial Market Work

1. How many years has your custom installation company performed work in commercial market settings (i.e., corporate offices, bars, restaurants, houses of worship, retail)?
2. How has your commercial market work fared in 2020 compared to 2019?
3. How much do you anticipate your commercial market business growing over the next five years?
4. In which of the following commercial vertical markets have you worked in 2020 or plan to work in this year?
5. Which of the following commercial market product equipment categories do you install?
6. How often do you install equipment that is primarily intended for residential use on a commercial project? 
7. What percentage of your commercial projects come from the following sources?
Space Cell None1%-5%6%-10%11%-20%21%-30%31%-50%51%-75%76%-99%100%
Referral from a residential client
Referral from a commercial client
Builder/General Contractor
Online lead
Cold calling/Prospecting
Manufacturer referral/lead
8. What percentage of your commercial projects do you add insurance bonding for, either as a regular business practice or as a requirement?
9. Are you GSA (General Services Administration) certified to work on government projects?
10. What was your average revenue of per commercial project in 2020? 
11. How many commercial projects (either new installations or upgrades) do you expect to complete in 2020?
12. Who is your typical primary point of contact on a commercial project?
13. What is the average amount of time that passes between when you first are approached or bid on a commercial project until you start physical installation?
14. What is the average number of manhours spent installing a commercial system? (As examples, one technician on the job for one day = 8 manhours; 2 technicians on the job for one day = 16 manhours; two technicians on the job for one week = 80 manhours).
15. What percentage of your commercial projects in the past 12 months were you able to sell a service or monitoring contract with? 
16. What is your average recurring monthly revenue/service agreement amount from a commercial project?
17. What is your typical profit margin on a commercial project?
18. What is your biggest challenge in commercial projects?
19. What is your favorite part of doing commercial work?
20. Which method of A/V distribution do you think will be the most popular going forward?