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Narrative Medicine map across WHO-Europe countries

Welcome to EUNAMES survey on NM across WHO-Europe

The European Narrative Medicine Society (EUNAMES) was born from an idea of the Italian Society of Narrative Medicine (SIMeN). It is an association of non-profit researchers dedicated to the investigation of Medical Humanities and Humanities for Health in the medical, health care, social services to respond to a model of health based on four pillars: biological, psychological, social and spiritual (where spiritual stands also for existential).
Its purpose is to promote and strengthen dialogues, discussions on the present and the future of Medical Humanities and narrative medicine, for health professionals, researchers (both academics and non-academics), humanists, teachers and other professionals coming from every branch.

The Steering Committee agreed upon the creation of a survey to map centres and/or people involved in this field and potentially able to contribute within the 53 WHO-Europe countries. 

We inform you that the data you will provide will be digitally collected and stored and will be used exclusively for research purposes. Any information collected during the survey and in particular personal data will be considered of a strictly confidential nature. 
The results of the survey will serve to better understand the state of the art of narrative medicine and Medical Humanities in the 53 WHO-Europe countries and will be published on by October 2020.