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2020 Startup Week Event Host Application

Thank you for your interest in Startup Week Chattanooga (SWC) 2020. We look forward to a fast paced and engaging week of presentations, roundtable discussions, learning opportunities and networking.

Because this year’s event will be virtual, we are encouraging presenters to strongly consider whether they want to host their events live or to pre-record sessions, the latter of which ensures better control quality and avoid technical issues. If you are doing a pre-recorded event, we ask that during the scheduled time for your event that you participate online to answer questions both in chat and in live Q&A sessions following the event. 
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16. Please select up to 3 other time slots as potential options for your event. SWC hopes to give applicants their first choice in time slots, but we may need to move events in order to make a more cohesive schedule.  *This question is required.
17. Will your event be pre-recorded or live? (There is a possible opportunity for technical support and production on a pre-recorded or live session.) *This question is required.
18. What is your preferred platform to host your event? 
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22. Will your event cost money to attendees? If yes, what do you plan to charge? *Note the majority of Startup Week sessions are expected to be free *This question is required.
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