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Reimagining Brooklyn Boulevard

The City of Brooklyn Center is reimagining development along Brooklyn Boulevard, and will be proposing practical yet visionary improvements to current and future land uses on the Corridor. As the City works on identifying opportunities, we need your help in identifying how land might be used to more fully benefit ALL people in Brooklyn Center. This 7 question survey will be used to inform recommendations and strategies. A draft of the Study will be available in fall 2020 for public review and comment.

While this is different than the roadway reconstruction project, the Land Use Study is coordinating with the team redesigning the Brooklyn Boulevard roadway to ensure a cohesive and vibrant corridor.

1. How much time do you currently spend on or adjacent to Brooklyn Boulevard? (not including driving)
2. When you visit places along Brooklyn Boulevard, what kinds of things do you do? (Click all that apply)

The City and its partners are proposing that sections of Brooklyn Boulevard be reimagined to allow for more, and more closely built development along the Boulevard. The largest and densest developments would be guided to major intersections, and seek to provide neighborhood-scale commercial and/or housing. A market study is being completed to inform what types and how much development is feasible, while ensuring affordability. The below questions are based on these proposed changes and market feasibility.

The City is not recommending or planning that any existing buildings be removed unless the current owner willingly sells or redevelops their site.
3. What types of commercial uses would you want to see along the Boulevard? (Click all that apply)
4. What types of housing would you like to see along the Boulevard? (click all that apply)

There are a lot of single-family homes near the Boulevard, and the City is being mindful of the transition from new development down to adjacent and nearby existing homes, such as using height restrictions immediately next to single family homes.
5. Are there concerns you have with the idea of new development next to existing single-family homes?
6. What concerns do you have or might you have? (click all that apply)

New uses along the Boulevard may be asked to include public spaces within their project such as pedestrian paths, pocket parks, plazas, seating etc.
6. What types of public space features would you want to see along the Boulevard? (click all that apply)