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Grade-level hybrid: Feedback survey

The purpose of this survey is to gather input about a hybrid learning model that is based on grade levels, compared to one that would serve all students K-12 in the same way. The input from parents/guardians helps school and district leaders prepare to meet your students' needs. We will look to the statewide announcement later this week on how school will start this fall.

As you review the plan below, remember that the hybrid model is designed to maximize classroom space across the district while meeting student needs and social distance requirements. 

With that in mind, Eden Prairie Schools’ grade-level hybrid could look like this:

1. What are the grade ranges of your children? (Check all that apply.)

After you have reviewed the grade-level hybrid model outlined above, to what extent does this model support the goal of:

Space Cell Strongly supportsSupportsDoes not support
Maximizing in-person learning for grades K-3
Striking a balance for 4th- to 8th-grade students who need direct support with their level of independence and use of technology
For grades 9-12, provides access to school resources and in-person learning, while leveraging the power of technology
Responding appropriately to the different developmental needs of K-12 students