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GovLoop 2020 Community Survey

GovLoop wants to hear from you! Every so often we like to survey our community of government professionals to learn what topics, trends and initiatives are impacting you most. Especially in times of change or uncertainty, like now with COVID-19, conversations around racial equity and agencies trying to adapt, we want to make sure our community feels heard. With these results, we will create a short ebook with the data from your peers and our editorial insight on topics that seem to matter most over the past three months.

This survey should only take you 5 minutes to complete. As with all surveys, your answers will remain secure and anonymous. We appreciate your insights and time.
1. I work for:  *This question is required.
2. In the last 3 months, what topics have you been reading most about (on GovLoop or other media outlets!) Select up to 3.
3. Has your manager or agency senior leaders made mention of racial injustices and social unrest?
4. How would you rate your organization's ability to adapt to working in a remote work environment?