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2021 Conference Sponsorship Agreement

2021 MHB Conference Sponsorship Agreement

Men Having Babies (MHB) is pleased to present our conference lineup for 2021!  Using this form, you may sign up for one or more of our two-day conferences in San Francisco, Brussels, and New York, or our one-day conferences in the Midwest and Israel. Due to the limited number of spots, sponsorship at the one-day conferences is limited to regional sponsors and those that are part of our Advisory Circle.

NOTE that regardless of the conference(s) you choose to sponsor now, you may return to this form at any time to sign up to become a sponsor for any additional conference(s) as long as they are listed below.

You may view the side by side comparison of the event benefits received by sponsorship level and sponsorship fees for each of our upcoming in-person two-day events here, two-day Virtual event here and one-day events here. The second page of these documents also includes important notes regarding the various options.
1. Have you pledged or renewed for 2021 GPAP services? *This question is required.
You have the option to click here to complete (or renew) your 2021 GPAP Pledge Agreement. In addition to our gratitude, you will also benefit from one-year inclusion in our provider directory.  Providers who include pro-bono services will also benefit from preferred placement in the directory, and possibly also conference fee discounts. Once you have done so, please come back and choose "Yes" above.

You may also proceed without a pledge, in which case you may decide to pledge later. If your pledge will include eligible pro bono services we may be able to apply the corresponding discount on a later date. Pro-bono pledges need to be made no later than 90 days prior to a conference in order to benefit from applicable discounts. Pro-bono service pledges made after March 31 of each year, which is typically past our matching period, may not be eligible for discount (unless we can still use them).
2. What type of sponsor are you? *This question is required.
Was there a conference discount rate that was agreed upon with MHB in the context of your pro bono pledge? *This question is required.
Please email Ron for clarification. Should a discount rate be agreed upon, it can be applied retroactively.
To calculate your eligible discount please choose from the list below. *This question is required.
To calculate your eligible discount please indicate the number of pro bono legal cases / services you pledged for 2021. *This question is required.Note that a "case" here would amount to providing Legal Contracts for IPs or Surrogates, and / or Legal Finalization services for IPs only. If you provide both contracts and finalization to the same client, that would count as two cases. 
To calculate your eligible discount please choose from the list below. *This question is required.
Please indicate the discount rate that was agreed upon in your GPAP contract: *This question is required.
3. Please select the 2021 conference(s) you would like to sponsor.
You are eligible for an additional 5% discount rate (15% if you are member of the MHB Advisory Circle) when you sign up for the following number of conferences and sponsorship levels:
  • 3 Platinum or Gold
  • 2 Platinum or Gold and 2 Silver
  • 1 Platinum or Gold and 4 Silver
Please note that your eligible discounts will be reflected in your invoice and not within this form.