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Massachusetts Remote Teaching Examples

On behalf of the Center for Instructional Support at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, thank you for your tireless commitment to your students and school communities. To celebrate and amplify teachers and leaders who created engaging opportunities for their students during remote learning this past spring, we invite Massachusetts educators to submit samples of  remote teaching practice that worked well for you -- what helped to engage students? Advance their knowledge? Build and sustain momentum for learning? We're seeking examples in the following categories:
  • videos of remote instruction (synchronous or asynchronous)

  • lesson plans or instructional materials (e.g. packets, assignments) that facilitate student-centered learning

  • lesson plans or instructional materials that include or address the needs of English learners and students with disabilities

  • sample scope & sequences for hybrid and remote teaching

  • family communication and engagement strategies that supported student learning at home

  • Other strategies/resources that we may be missing -- what worked for you?
We plan to share many of these submissions in forthcoming DESE resources on remote learning as a way to both recognize excellent educators and promote effective remote teaching practices throughout the Commonwealth. If your submission is selected for use, we will contact you directly for additional information. 

Please use the following form to enter your submission. If you have any questions, please reach out to
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