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PRIM&R New Community Interest Form

PRIM&R is committed to providing a space for its constituents to connect and understands that there may be specific areas of the research ethics and oversight field that are not yet encompassed by the currently available communities. If you’re interested in establishing a new community, please complete this form. PRIM&R has full discretion in determining if a new community idea is warranted or if the topic could be addressed within another community.

Additionally, PRIM&R reserves the right to retire a community that is no longer active and all participants may be directed to join a more active community based on the criteria below:

  • Interest in the community appears to wane, as evidenced by low activity or minimal discussion (i.e., no new discussion posts or comments from members of the community).
  • The discussions would be more beneficial in another community or the discussions overlap too closely with occurring in a more active community.
  • Sustained activity occurring within a community is in violation of terms outlined above.
Contact Information
5. If this community is launched, would you be willing to serve as a volunteer moderator?