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Fiscal Health & Equity Initiative

Welcome Page

Bloomberg Philanthropies, through its What Works Cities initiative, is excited to launch the Fiscal Health and Equity initiative to provide critical support to mayors and city financial leaders as they navigate these challenging fiscal times. The initiative will bring together municipal finance expertise and data-driven solutions to support cities in implementing new and equity-centered interventions to help them recover financially from COVID-19.

To be considered for selection in this program and learning community, cities should complete and submit the online application no later than Monday, August 31, 2020. For any additional questions, please see our program page or contact
Cities will be notified of their acceptance by September 25, 2020 and the first live virtual session will be held the second week of October 2020. The program will run from October 2020 through December 2021.  
The application should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.