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2020 UXPA Boston Virtual Conference - Mentors and Facilitators

Sign up to be a mentor or a lunchtime table topic leader!

Sign up below to help! Review the conference schedule before making your decision. As a mentor or lunchtime table topic leader, you may be asked to participate in a planning call prior to the conference. Please only volunteer to mentor or lead a lunchtime table topic if you are planning to attend the conference. Those selected to mentor or lead will receive a 100% discount code that can be applied to a full-price ticket for the conference. That's right: all mentors and leaders will receive a free admission to this year's conference!

Our conference will be virtual and will take place on Friday, October 23.
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6. How many years of experience do you have as a user experience professional? *This question is required.
7. When are you available? Choose more than one if you're flexible and are able to mentor or lead more than one session. *This question is required.
8. If you chose Group Mentoring in the previous question, which group of people would you like to mentor? Choose both options if you're flexible and are able to mentor either group.

You will be paired with another mentor. Your role will be to welcome 6-10 mentees and to guide the discussion.
9. Complete only if you are interested in leading a lunchtime table topic. Choose more than one if you're flexible and can lead another topic if your first choice is not available.

Your role will be to welcome your lunch mates, and to keep lunchtime discussion from veering off the chosen topic as much as possible.