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PQCNC AIM clOUDi Team Snapshot

PQCNC clOUDi Team Snapshot

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8. Do you know what screening tool is used for maternal verbal screening?   *This question is required.
11. Does your hospital universally verbally screen all women admitted for delivery care?  *This question is required.
13. Does your hospital use a validated screening tool?   *This question is required.
14. Is there policy to guide providers if a verbal screen is positive?  *This question is required.
15. Is there education for pregnant women with OUD admitted for delivery regarding the risk for NAS and care of infants with withdrawal symptoms?  *This question is required.
16. Does your hospital policy encourage breastfeeding of all infants born to mothers with OUD according to AAP criteria (or if mother in a treatment program)? *This question is required.
17. Is your hospital care for newborns at risk for NAS based on Finnegan scoring or ESC?  *This question is required.
18. Is rooming of mother and baby after delivery standard practice?  *This question is required.
20. Do you usually transfer infants with NAS requiring pharmacologic treatment to another facility?  *This question is required.
21. Does a social worker or case manager consult on every mother with OUD?  *This question is required.
22. Is a CC4C referral made for every infant born to a mother with OUD in order to create a plan of safe care? *This question is required.
Thinking about equity:
23. Does your facility provide staff-wide education on peripartum racial and ethnic disparities and their root causes?  *This question is required.
24. Does your facility provide staff-wide education on best practices for shared decision making?   *This question is required.
25. Does your facility provide staff-wide education on implicit bias?   *This question is required.
26. Does your facility engage diverse patient, family, and community advocates who can represent important community partnerships on quality and safety leadership teams?   *This question is required.
27. Has your facility built a culture of equity, including systems for reporting, response, and learning similar to ongoing efforts in safety culture?   *This question is required.
28. Has your facility established a mechanism for patients, families, and staff to report inequitable care and episodes of miscommunication or disrespect?   *This question is required.
29. Does your facility ensure a timely and tailored response to each report of inequity or disrespect?   *This question is required.
30. Has your facility developed a disparities dashboard that monitors process and outcome metrics stratified by race and ethnicity, with regular dissemination of the stratified performance data to staff and leadership?   *This question is required.